GIGABYTE Aivia™ K8100 Gaming Keyboard Wins World’s Renowned Red Dot Design Award

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image001 GIGABYTE Aivia™ K8100 Gaming Keyboard Wins World’s Renowned Red Dot Design Award

Taipei, Taiwan, March 15, 2011 – GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is proud to announce the company’s first red dot award winner, Aivia™ K8100 Gaming Keyboard. The keyboard has been honored for its exceptional design achievements in the prestigious international design competition, with over 4,000 contestants from over 40 countries worldwide. Winning the 2011 red dot award signifies a label of the highest quality and international repute guaranteed by Germany’s Design Zentrum.

The design of Aivia™ K8100 Gaming Keyboard has been inspired by ultra-high-end sports car whose outward appearance and performance are superior to that of its contemporaries. Aivia™ K8100 Gaming Keyboard’s performance of gaming functionalities, durability and quality are thus enhanced to fulfill similar characteristics of ultra-high-end consumers.

Aivia™ K8100 Gaming Keyboard solves the challenge of designing a keyboard that simulates a sleek and eye-catching sports car on all elements, but still keeps the keyboard under an ideal size and optimal ergonomic gaming keyboard design. For example: the huge wrist rest with Aivia™ logo resembles sports car hood; Twin USB ports on the two sides are similar to sports car’s exhaust system and the considerate volume indicating lights are compared to sports car’s rear lights, etc.

Especially designed for gamers, Aivia™ K8100 Gaming Keyboard is equipped with four major features. Enhanced Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard Design is world’s 1st gaming keystroke keyboard with three different built-in keystroke forces, 70 grams, 60 grams and 50 grams. GHOST™ Macro Engine is an incredible macro editing software for the memorized macros to be carried around even if the keyboard is connected to a different computer. 20 anti-ghosting keysallow gamers to press up to 20 simultaneous buttons without the “ghosting” effect. Touch and slide volume control allows gamers to adjust volume by finger. With these four features, obtaining victory during gaming battles is no sweat.

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