Opteron146 : New legend of socket939 CPU

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Today we proudly present an article that test drive on NEW Opteron in 939 socketed.

For the small business server or workstation, this may be the best solution. This is our conclusion for this new 939 socketed CPU. By the price compare with its performance that you will see later in this article.

We have to give the million thanks to K. J-Rock our member that just back from Australia for “Opteron 146″ at 2 GHz with L2 1 MB. The multiplier is 10 on the price about 7 to 8 thousand baht compare with the same performance CPU Athlon FX-57 that price about 5 times up.


This is official specification on the back of the BOX

On the Shiny green with black background

Oh it’s Thai description, Thanks to AMD for that :>

Inside the BOX 1 CPU/1 Heatsink and a detail on the papers.

Aluminium Sink with Thermal Pad

We have some problems with this FAN. :<

This is the famous week code 0540, many friends of us: such as K. Zolkorn from Overclockzone and Kirk’s friend from Germany also said about it as a great overclock week code for FX-57.


Back side

This is the reference system:

CPU AMD Opteron 146
RAM Geil UltraX PC3200 TCCD Week440 Set CL 2.5-3-3-6 1T all FSB 256MB X2
M/B DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D
VGA ATI X850XT PE by J-Rock @572/613MHz W/Stock Heatsink
Stroage Seagate 80GB IDE ATA100
Power Supply Antec True Control 550 W
CPU Cooler Stock Heatsink W/Fan70mm. @ 4000rpm. & Thermalright XP-90 W/Twin Blade Fan 90mm.

No need for BIOS upgrade(This mainboard release on July 2005)

After on use about a few hour, I am very appreciated with “Cool&Quiet”.

Because the speed of FAN quite very low. but after I check the temperature. Oh it’s going to 60 C. I check again with direct power from PSU and it’s still the same. Oh why my DFI mobo didn’t warn me about this. I already check its battery mobo. It’s ALREADY DEPLETE.

I have change from default 70 mm. to MOSFET fan instead, but it just 4000 rpm only. but default is 5500 rpm.

Core/Mem of X850XT PE from “J-Rock” default speed on every test.

I already set CL@ 2.5-3-3-6 1T on every test in BIOS. For A64Tweaker only for display this result.

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