KINGMAX HERCULES DDR3 DRAM Leads To the Eco-Friendly No Heat Sink Generation

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dram ddr3 nano v5 1 KINGMAX HERCULES DDR3 DRAM Leads To the Eco Friendly No Heat Sink Generation

KINGMAX HERCULES DDR3 DRAM แรมไม่มีซิงค์แต่แรงแบบรักสิ่งแวดล้อม กำลังเตรียมเข้ามาทำตลาดในไทยเร็วๆนี้ ใครรักสิ่งแวดล้อมเตรียมตังค์ไว้ได้แล้วนะครับ

As an international renowned DRAM module manufacturer emphasizing environmental protection, KINGMAX is the first one to adopt the nano thermal dissipation technology (NTD Tech) to perform overclocking DRAM module. KINGMAX successfully launched Hercules DDR3 DRAM module with excellent performance to replace the DRAM with conventional heat sink. Based on the nanoscale silicon coating, the NTD Tech helps HERCULES DDR3 DRAM module lighter in volume and greater in thermal dissipation performance than conventional heat sink. Since the product is just available on the market, it gained high praise from the media and gamers from the Taiwan, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and China regions etc. It won a Silver medal for authoritative media evaluation and the Innovative Technology Award. For gamers, HERCULES DDR3 DRAM module is the best product bringing overclocking enjoyment to them. After the launching of   HERCULES DDR3 DRAM module, the new eco-friendly generation of DRAM module without heat sink has been declared.

The NTD tech reduces not only the materials for making traditional heat sink, but also the consumption of resources and carbon footprint. In other words, the NTD tech can replace conventional heat sink, as though it was an “invisible heat sink”. Furthermore, during the manufacturing process of the HERCULES DDR3 memory module, KINGMAX used a lead-free production process that achieving KINGMAX’s eco-friendly goal, and fulfilling the responsibility for a green environment. HERCULES DDR3 DRAM module with NTD tech was evaluated by the media and gamers, and they witnessed without heat sink, DRAM module still has excellent performance.

KINGMAX, global memory technology leader, upholds the belief in low carbon and environmental protection, and is the first one to apply the NTD tech to DRAM module. By adopting the nano-size thermal dissipation silicon compound to increase the release of radiant heat, and remove the IC surface heat more quickly, NTD tech gets rid of heavy heat sink to improve air flow inside the case. According to the test results of KINGMAX lab, the working temperature of modules with conventional heat sink is about 45-50°C, modules with NTD tech is only about 39±1°C while operating overclocking. As indicated in the test report, the NTD tech can effectively improve thermal performance by 10%.

As thermal dissipation performance is one of the key factors to optimal operating efficiency, data processing speed and system stability for DRAM module, it is not only one of the main concerns for overclocking players but also the technical issue in the pursuit of Innovative leadership for every module manufacturer. At present, most module makers improve thermal performance by adding bulky heat sinks, but this way results in increasing the manufacturing cost and consuming more resources on earth indirectly.

Features of KINGMAX HERCULES DDR3 2200:

  • Support Intel P55 Chipset
  • Adopting Nano Thermal Dissipation Technology
  • ASIC chip embedded for anti-counterfeiting purpose
  • Lead-free production process
  • Tiny BGATM technology adopted: with advantages as compact size, well heat dissipation and low EM interference
  • 100% product compatibility and stability
  • High data transfer performance for overclocking enthusiasts and hardcore gamers

Specification of KINGMAX HERCULES DDR3 2200:

  • 240-pin DDR3 2200MHz
  • CAS Latency: 10
  • Bandwidth: 17.6GB/sec
  • Voltage: 1.5~1.8v
  • Capacity: 4GB (2GB*2)
  • Worldwide lifetime warranty

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