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5321 MSI MOA 2009 SEA


Duration: 22nd June ~ 31st July 2009





MSI MOA 2009 SEA Qualifiers

Asian Qualifiers Event Details Announced


The Asian overclockers: prepare to take arms. Internationally renowned computer hardware manufacturer MSI has released details for the Asian Qualifiers for the MSI MOA 2009 (Master Overclocking Arena). The MOA2009 aims to test overclockers’ knowledge, skill, and perseverance in recording the highest benchmark scores from their overclocked computer hardware systems.


Overclockers from the mention below regions are invited to participate in this exciting tournament online and to determine the best overclocking team from their respective countries:

India (Includes Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Burma), Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

For the event details:


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